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Francisco Delgado – Scott Brothers Dairy
Chino, CA
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Francisco Delgado – Scott Brothers Dairy – Spanish
Chino, CA
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Chris Terra – Red Top Jersey
Chowchilla, CA
“Our pasteurized colos-trum program is highly monitored. We routinely track bacterial count and solids. Our blood total proteins average 6.7 mg/ml. But TRI-SHIELD has an added effect over a quality colostrum program. Fewer calves shedding pathogens at the calf ranch protects not only our calves but all calves at the ranch.”

Brent Wickstrom – Wickstrom Jersey Farm
Hilmar, CA
“TRI-SHIELD is much easier to apply than a dam-level scour vaccine or Calf-Guard®. A one-step process with no waste on DOA’s or cows that don’t give colostrum.”

Jake Deraadt – Eden Vale Dairy
LaMoore, CA
“I’m Jake Deraadt, this is my dairy area behind me. We milk about 1,000 cows, so you know healthy cows are everything. They’re your future and they’ve got a lot of value. We’ve used other products before and then we switched to First Defense. cheap insurance, just getting that immunity boost into those calve and trying to keep them healthy and alive. Calves add a lot of value these days, so it’s very important to get them off to a good start.”
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Alyssa Fischer – Darian Acres
Rio, WI
“We had lots of issues with our calves before TRI-SHIELD. Lab results confirmed we were dealing with all three pathogens (E. coli, coronavirus, and rotavirus). Since we started TRI-SHIELD the calves have been doing much better. I haven’t lost a calf to scours in the past 9 months.”

Cole Hoyer – Hoyer Farms
West Salem, WI
“I’m Cole Hoyer. I’m from West Salem, Wisconsin. I farm with my father and grandfather on Hoyer farms. We use First Defense, the boluses as soon as calves are born. We’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember. We do not have large scour issues since we started using it. You have one here and there, but they bounce back right away from that and we use it on both Holsteins and our Jersey calves.”
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