No Needles. No Doubt. No Scours.

First Defense protects calves from scours by giving them antibodies directly. Calves receive an instant dose of immunity from the most common scours pathogens. There’s no reliance on dam- or calf-level vaccines to stimulate an antibody response. Your calves can jump straight to guaranteed levels of immunity from E. coli, coronavirus and rotavirus.

First Defense Calf
First Defense Calf
First Defense Calf

Calf Scours Prevention Products

First Defense scours prevention products are easy to use. One dose at birth provides an instant dose of immunity.

Dual Protection Bolus/Gel

Antibody protection delivering immunity from E. coli and coronavirus in a bolus or gel tube

Tri-Shield Gel Tube

The only veterinary biologic protecting equally against E. coli, coronavirus and rotavirus

First Defense Technology

The science of First Defense in a bulk format for dairy producers

Antibodies Without Vaccination

In human health, antibodies are used to manage a wide variety of diseases, even cancer. Read how delivering antibody protection without vaccination is changing the decades-old narrative on scours prevention.

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