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You could describe all of us at First Defense as a group of passionate helpers. We consult, guide, explain, support, plan, market and bend over backward. We come from family farms, cattle ranches, vet school, suburbs and small towns. What about you?

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It’s an adrenalin rush around here. Our entrepreneurial parent, ImmuCell Corporation, is a publicly held company that develops, manufactures and markets science-based products that are making a serious difference in animal health.

When you offer truly different, and proven, animal health products, you can make a substantial difference. We’re bringing better science to people who have needed it for decades. It’s mutually rewarding.

We’re a small and growing, scrappy bunch scattered around the country, connected by a desire to help others. We get together a few times during the year, but mostly we’re out in the field, helping our customers.

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Become part of a growing movement. Polyclonal antibody science is changing perceptions about calf-scours prevention among dairy and beef producers, and veterinarians. Demand for our science led us to build a much bigger manufacturing facility.