Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to our top seven frequently asked questions about First Defense products.

Question 1.

Where can I buy First Defense products?

Becky Vincent tells where you can buy First Defense products and why contacting your First Defense team member before buying can be beneficial.

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Question 2.

What makes First Defense better than a vaccine, and can I use both?

Ellen Cushing addresses common concerns we hear from producers about protecting their calves and explains our calf scours prevention products in simple terms.

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Question 3.

I’ve noticed First Defense costs more than a vaccine. Why is it at that price point?

Dale Miller talks about the lengthy process behind the manufacture of First Defense products.

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Question 4.

What’s the difference between Dual Force, Tri-Shield and First Defense Technology?

Get a quick primer on the differences in our products from Jill Sprakel.

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Question 5.

When using First Defense, do I need to wait to feed colostrum?

Dale Miller explains a common misunderstanding that leads to the question about delayed feeding. Spoiler Alert: There’s no need to wait.

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Question 6.

What does antibodies without vaccination mean?

Bobbi Brockmann explains that while scours vaccines intend to stimulate antibody production, First Defense products deliver antibodies directly and immediately to calves.

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Question 7.

What is the difference between feed supplements and First Defense products?

Chris Bradley talks about the big difference: Unproven claims. Find out how prevalent it is.

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What’s Your Question?

Dairy and beef producers, and veterinarians, who haven’t experienced the advantages of First Defense are curious about how it works. Do you have a question?