How to administer our products

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Tips for the best way to give First Defense products to your calves.

Watch video and download fact sheets to learn the safe and easy way to give the First Defense bolus or gel to your calves. In just four easy steps, you can give your calves immediate immunity from the most common scours pathogens. If you don’t already have a First Defense balling gun, call us and we’ll send one to you free of charge.

Watch Bobbi Jo Brockmann, our VP of Sales and Marketing, help administer the First Defense bolus to a calf.

DJ Dominguez, our Sales and Marketing Manager for the Southern Region, provides instruction for administering the First Defense gel tube to a calf.

Video instrucciones para administrar un tubo de gel.

Michael Borges provides a quick how-to for mixing First Defense Technology, the 90-dose bulk powder, with a colostrum bag.