We’re here to shake things up in animal health.

Our passion lies with the people and farms we work with.

We believe there is more to be done to help your dairy and beef animals stay healthy and thrive. For that to happen, conventional thinking has to be re-thought. It’s no easy task, but with our science-proven and USDA-approved scours-prevention products, we’re already seeing changes in the industry. Dairy and beef farmers have a proven option to protect against calf sours, and it’s not a vaccine.

Next up for us: better treatment for subclinical mastitis. We are driven by the opportunity to make a genuine difference in the lives of producers.

First Defense Calf Health

We mean business.

Doing things differently in animal health raises eyebrows. Sometimes, misperception follows. We get it. You want science and proof, and we give it to you.

Our parent company, ImmuCell, manufactures scientifically proven animal health products. Science is where everything starts with us. One example: Our interest in research and science experiments on the structure and biology of rotavirus at Baylor College of Medicine led us to develop and field test a vaccine of virus-like particles, which are highly immunogenic. From there, Tri-Shield First Defense was born.

We meet USDA, CFIA, FDA, and OMRI standards for efficacy. There is no fluff here.

Our people are experts.

Their home is your farm. We spend 90 percent of our working time on somebody’s farm, either helping a customer or showing someone we haven’t met before how we can help. We refer to ourselves as the calf crew. Our carefully assembled group believes in listening, helping, communicating, teaching and guiding. Sales is nothing more than a transaction.

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First Defense Animal Health

Calling all animal lovers.

Do you want to be the next person helping to do more for dairy and beef animals?

Join our team, but only if this describes you: full of energy, self-motivated, charismatic team-player who is comfortable on the farm, in a clinic or at a retailer. You embrace science. You’re happy when your boots are dirty from walking hutches and maternity pens. You’re an independent thinker. Success is never final, and failure is not fatal. You like working really hard and having a blast. Sound pretty good so far?