On The Road, with Dr. Chris Chase

The calf scours podcast giving veterinarians the scoop on poop. 

  1. Episode 1 – Antibodies vs. Vaccines. 3:21
  2. Episode 2 – How are feed supplements and veterinary biologics regulated, plus do egg antibodies work? 5:40
  3. Episode 3 – Why would you use a dam-level scours vaccine for winter dysentery? 2:19
  4. Episode 4 – No vaccine negative side effects, no positive results 3:44
  5. Episode 5 – Oral scours vaccines and prophylactic use of an antibiotic for young calves – worth it or not? 5:44
  6. Episode 6 – Antibody class switching explained. 5:39
  7. Episode 7 – Changes in the veterinary world and Chris’s advice for practicing veterinarians. 5:58
  8. Episode 8 – The data on dam-level scours vaccines, plus vaccine administration compliance. 5:26
  9. Episode 9 – Are you in the prevention or treatment camp? 3:34
Dr. Chris Chase

Dr. Chris Chase
World-renowned immunology expert, professor in the Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences SDSU, researcher focused on the initial events of viral infections to develop better methods for preventing virus infections in animals.