Preformed antibodies offer immediate immunity for the livestock industry

At the center of a strong immune system are antibodies that wipe out invading bacteria and viruses. Recently, doctors and researchers have begun using antibodies in new ways, harnessing them to combat a wide variety of diseases, even cancer. It’s not an overstatement to say that antibody technology is revolutionizing human health.

This unique antibody technology is also reaching the livestock industry. Veterinary biologics provide guaranteed levels of specific antibodies proven to protect against both bacterial and viral scours in newborn calves. Verified antibodies are what make these tools significantly different from all other scours-prevention products.

The old way of protecting calves — through vaccines — meant the pregnant cow, once vaccinated, had to work to develop anti-scour antibodies and then those antibodies would be transferred to the calf through colostrum. Meanwhile, the producer had to cover the costs resulting from unavoidable vaccine response variability, which regularly left 20 percent to 30 percent of calves unprotected.

In fact, a 100 percent response rate to any vaccine is biologically impossible. Since these vaccines must be given before a live-born calf is on the ground, there is also money wasted on stillborn calves and dams that don’t produce colostrum.

Producers can avoid those issues when using verified, preformed antibodies. The products do the work, not the dam or calf. These antibodies, derived from colostrum, neutralize pathogens without taxing the immune system like a vaccine would. There’s no vaccination stress and immunity is immediate. Variability is removed because antibody levels are guaranteed in every dose.

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