Read what our customers across the country say about First Defense.

Find out what producers and veterinarians in your region have experienced using First Defense products.

Read what our customers across the country say about First Defense.

Find out what beef producers and veterinarians in your region have experienced using First Defense products.

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Rick and Vivian Lorenzini – Lorenzini Farms
Woldona, CO
“A combination of rain and snow for several weeks resulted in challenging calving weather and our calves being born in wet and muddy conditions. We were amazed at how well First Defense worked even with the poor weather conditions. We didn’t have to treat any of our First Defense calves for scours and we experienced a reduction in pneumonia rates as well.”


Vince Collision, DVM – Collison Veterinary Services
Rockwell City, IA
“Tri-Shield is highly effective and easy to deliver, without colostrum interference. I have received lots of positive feedback from my customers using it. I also use Tri-Shield on our personal Angus herd and have had great results.”

Kirk LynchKirk Lynch – Heartland Simmentals
Waverly , IA
The boluses have almost eliminated scours – 100 percent belief in it.
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Kelly ShortKelly Short – Monti West Black Cattle
Masonville, IA
A dry-lot situation without much grass. The results have been phenomenal.
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Leslie RubyLeslie Ruby – MWI Distribution
A very low investment for the return.
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Roman SchooleyRoman Schooley – Schooley Cattle Company
Bloomfield, IA
Really happy with it and how easy it is to administer to calves.
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Patrick Wall

Patrick Wall – PAW Livestock, LLC
Pleasantville, IA
Rain or shine, cold or warm, it doesn’t matter when that calf gets up and nurses.
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It’s really helped cut some expense treating calves.
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Jimmy Thomas – Thomas Cattle
Homedale, ID
“We usually have scour issues in calves from the last 25% of cows that calve, likely due to increased pathogens. We used First Defense on those 25% of calves this year and not a single calf scoured. First Defense is something we’ll definitely use next year and likely on a higher percentage of our herd.”


Cody Lowderman

Cody Lowderman – Lowderman Cattle Company
Macomb, IL
Sensible protection against a genetic investment. A product that works. Strongly recommended.
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Went from treating roughly 15 to 20 percent of newborn calves for scours or E. coli to virtually zero percent.
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Jae Van HornJae Van Horn – Lowderman Cattle Company
Macomb, IL
Easy to administer to calves and virtually eliminates scours altogether.
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Ron SeversonRon Serverson – White Willow Pollard Herefords
Morris, IL
A real cure for a lot of problems. Scours down about 90 percent. Easy to use.
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Joel Judge

Joel Judge – Tri-Star Cattle, KS
Administered in concentrated calving area and a lot of bad weather – treated less than half a percent of calves for any kind of scours or pneumonia.
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Really made a difference. Sold on First Defense.

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Steve Hayes DVM – DAY 1 Technology
Winona, MN
“The thing that I like about First Defense is that you give it to the calf as soon as it’s born. There are some products on the market today that you have to give to the calf at birth and the recommendation is to wait 30 minutes or longer before you can feed colostrum. It’s so hard to tell a dairyman or a calf raiser to delay feeding colostrum when that’s the most important thing to give the calf.”



Brian Marshall – Marshall & Fenner Farms
Malta Bend, MO
After implementing First Defense, went from treating 90 percent to almost no problems with scours.
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“We began using First Defense during the 2013 calving season when we were treating what seemed like half of our calves for scours. Since using First Defense, we have treated only four calves for scours out of our 600 head herd. First Defense really works!”

Jerry LeeJerry Lee – Lee Simmental Farms
Columbia, MO
Using First Defense for four or five years – can really see the results in calves.
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Kristy LodgeKristy Lodge
Arthur, NE
Extremely happy with First Defense for the ROI and safety – remarkable.
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Lance Kurtz, DVM – Countryside Vet Clinic
Fullerton, NE
“The First Defense product is a hyper-immunized colostrum. The antibodies are condensed down into a bolus. Once it gets into the gut, those antibodies are absorbed and help protect the calf. Calving areas can get used over and over. That second half of that calving season, there is probably a lot antigens built up – First Defense is great for providing some added protection.”

Joe Strahm, DVM – Pender Vet Clinic
Pender, NE
“I recommend producers implement First Defense in their calf protocols even when using cow scour vaccines. First Defense provides calves with consistent protection by delivering a timely and accurate dose of antibodies they need to avoid scour outbreaks.”

Jeff MeredithJeff Meredith – BM Angus
York, NE
Recommended. It’s been really good.
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North Dakota

Online Dual-Force Purchase
“We had a blizzard right in the middle of calving this year and I never lost a calf. Many of my neighbors lost every calf during the storm. ImmuCell seems to give them the ability to survive in harsh conditions. I’ve tried just about every product out there for newborns and I would rate this #1, hands down.”


Mark Hardesty, DVM – Maria Stein Animal Clinic
Maria Steion, OH
“Diagnostics have shown rotavirus has been the cause of calf deaths in many herds, even well managed dairies that are very clean. Tri-Shield is our new tool of choice to prevent rotavirus scours.”

Sasha Rittenhouse

Sasha Rittenhouse
New Carlisle, Ohio
Tri-Shield has made a huge difference in scours. Every calf gets it because it is worth it. Super easy to administer. Horrible weather the past two years created huge death loss on nearby farms, but not on the Rittenhouse operation.
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Beverly RoeBeverly Roe – Pedro’s Angus
Butler County, OH
Have not have any scours since they started using Tri-Shield – very satisfied with it.
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Joel SandersJoe Sanders – Hutson Angus
Elk City, OK
Essentially able to stop doctoring for scours – really enjoying the product.
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Dave McElhaneyDave McElhaney – McElhaney Family Farm
Hookstown, PA
Using First Defense Boluses for more than a decade. Very happy with the results.
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Wes AsheWes Ashe – Ashewood Farm
Selmer, TN
Tried it. Didn’t have any death loss. Now it’s the go-to product.
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Brad Bader – Carrousel Farms
Monroe, WI

Using it for at least the last 12 years. It has totally eliminated scours problems.

“Approximately 10 years ago we had a minor flair-up of scours in our herd. Treating the calves was costly and time-consuming and it set the calves back in terms of performance. The following year we administered First Defense to every newborn. Scours became basically non-existent. Now each calf receives First Defense within their first few hours of life.”
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Lance Barnes
Darlington, WI
“We run about 100 Angus cows. We’ve been using First Defense for over 10 years now. Feel it’s a great product. We feel by using this product we have eliminated our scour problem, and feel really good in the product.”

Kevin Retallic – 2K Enterprises
Glen Haven, WI
“We were happy to talk with some of the First Defense people today because we’re really proud of that product, too. We use it on our calves. It seems to have eliminated scour issues we had. It’s a situation where we just feel a lot more safe and guarded when we’re using this product. It just gives you a little bit more security in your calving situations and gives you a safe environment.”


Brad Annett – Ashewood Farm
North Central Alberta, Canada
“Our calves doesn’t resist us with the Tri-Shield gel tube. It’s easy to administer. We haven’t treated a calf for scours in three years. People will pay for all kinds of stuff including vet bills, but they hesitate to buy Tri-Shield. But it’s very much worth the peace of mind we get when the calves are protected. I will not be without Tri-Shield. I swear by it.”

Anthony Martin

Anthony Martin
– Cow/calf operator and feed business owner
Vermillion, Alberta, Canada
“We’ve been using Tri-Shield for two full seasons. We’re finding that our calves are healthier right from the get-go. I believe my conception rates for first-calf heifers is better than ever, and I think Tri-Shield is part of the reason. For me it’s a good investment. It helps my whole program. It’s worth it.”